A Magical Dinner at Cinderella's Royal Table

On our latest trip to ‘The World’ we decided to take the kids to dinner at Cinderella's Royal Table. We checked in at the castle entrance and were quickly whisked away to have a special meet and greet with Cinderella herself! The kids were so excited to meet her and have their picture taken!

A New Tradition at Harmony Barber Shop

It is no secret that we love Walt Disney World. In fact, it’s an obsession that runs deep in our family, and was well rooted long before Eric and I were married. Well, as many traditions as we had on our trips to ‘The World’ before we had children, we have created many more since.

Breakfast at The Crystal Palace

If you are headed to Walt Disney World any time in the future, I highly recommend that you make a reservation for breakfast at The Crystal Palace in the Magic Kingdom. Now, there are a lot of great character meals to be had on Disney property, but this one ranks at the top of our list. Why? The food is amazing. Without fail. Every time. The wonderful atmosphere and the characters are an added bonus, but seriously, the food. I’m salivating right now over the very thought of it.

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort

If you are planning a trip to the Walt Disney World Resort and you plan to stay on property (which you should of course!), I would like to recommend Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort. This is a resort we have stayed at many times over our years of Disney vacationing, and will be visiting again this upcoming December.

Making Memories... One Awesome Vacation at a Time!

Hello again fellow Mouseketeers! It has been a bit since I last wrote here at the Tiny House of Mouse, but the reason why is fantastic! Firstly, I have been raising and homeschooling my five amazing kids which is the honor of my life. Secondly, I have had the wonderful opportunity to teach musical theatre, voice, acting and dance at the performing arts school my children attend in the evenings and weekends. Thirdly, and last but certainly not least, my business as your favorite vacation planner continues to grow!

Our 3 Disney’s Hollywood Studios Top Eats!

You’re visiting Disney’s Hollywood Studios! Hurrah! Now for the all important, “But where shall we dine?” question. My kids #1 pick for table-service dining at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is, hands down, the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant. This is our Hollywood Studios top eats.

To Drive, or Not to Drive?

A lot of people assume because of the ages of our kids, that we rent a car while on vacation in Walt Disney World. Well, that couldn’t be further from the truth. We never drive (or cook, for that matter) while there. We actually enjoy the transportation system on property, and find it easy to negotiate with our growing brood and all our gear. So to drive or not to drive, that is the question.

Walt Disney World, You’re Never Too Young to Experience It!

Maybe you’ve been planning to bring your little one to the Walt Disney World Resort. Maybe, despite the fact that they are so young they may not remember the trip, you’d like to start making those magical Walt Disney World memories with them. Maybe people keep telling you you’re nuts. You are not alone.

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