Our 3 Disney’s Hollywood Studios Top Eats!


You’re visiting Disney’s Hollywood Studios! Hurrah!

Now for the all important, “But where shall we dine?” question. My kids #1 pick for table-service dining at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is, hands down, the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant. This is our Hollywood Studios top eats.

Boy, was that a mouthful! But just wait until you’ve had the food! The Sci-Fi is a family friendly option for a table-service meal. From burgers and sandwiches, to steaks, salads, and pasta, there is something for everyone in your party.

Even better than the food? The restaurant is set indoors, but made to look like you are outside at the drive-in on a summer night. You dine in your car, whilst watching a reel of old B-movie trailers, and cartoons… which are science fiction, of course. This is a must do! And I highly recommend you get a milkshake!

Bonus: Kids are presented with a Sci-Fi Drivers License at the end of their meal!

Our #2 Choice for Dining at Disney’s Hollywood Studios…

The 50′s Prime Time Cafe is an eclectic catch-all of 1950′s kitsch that you have to experience. Themed as every 50′s kitchen you’ve ever seen (seriously, it’s just as I remember my grandmother’s kitchen), feast upon homemade classics such as meatloaf, lasagna, pot roast, and chicken pot pie… all cooked by mom who is working feverishly in the kitchen.  And I highly recommend you get a milkshake!

Don’t forget to set the table, and mind your manners! I have seen people sent to the corner for having elbows on the table, my mother fed via “airplane” because she didn’t finish her veggies, and my husband forced to sing “I’m a Little Tea Pot”, which was so hysterical I can’t even remember why he was punished!

Our Top Pick for Counter-Service Dining at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is…

Backlot Express serves up your standard fare of burgers, and sandwiches. I’m sure you’re wondering why it’s our top pick, aren’t you? Well, there are a few reasons.

  1. You can always find a table. With both indoor and outdoor seating you can choose the AC or balmy Florida breeze. Also, the tables are large and can accommodate our large family.
  2. The food is good. Really. With meals such as the Royal Guard Burger, and Dark Side Chicken and Waffles, how could you go wrong? A Star Wars themed cupcake for dessert? Yes, please!
  3. They have bathrooms. I know there are bathrooms everywhere, but there’s never a line here. As a woman, I appreciate that. And as a mom of 5, I really appreciate that.
  4. Okay, I know this makes it more than a few reasons… but, the soda fountain here is self-serve. Free refills. So enjoy that icy beverage with your meal, and fill ‘er up to take with you. More bang for your buck! (I personally do not drink soda in my everyday life, but in my Disney life I drink Coke like it’s my job. I blame the Florida sun!)
  5. Sorry, no milkshakes here.

So there you have it. Our Top 3 Eats at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Be sure to check back for more Disney fun!

Have a Magical Day!


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Emily Salvi
Emily is a work-at-home mother of 5 beautiful children, a wife, and lover of all things Disney. An expert in traveling to the Walt Disney World Resort with young children, and on a budget, she hopes to inspire her readers to do the same. "There is nothing like Disney magic through the eyes of your child. It melts my heart every time my kids see Cinderella Castle. The absolute awe. Fairytales really do come true."
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