Walt Disney World, You’re Never Too Young to Experience It!

Kids on Main Street

Maybe you’ve been planning to bring your little one to the Walt Disney World Resort.

Maybe, despite the fact that they are so young they may not remember the trip, you’d like to start making those magical Walt Disney World memories with them. Maybe people keep telling you you’re nuts.

You are not alone.

The first time our oldest child traveled to WDW, he was 8 months old. Granted, it was a trip planned with my entire family, and he was the only grandchild at that point (he is now age 8, and the oldest of 11 grandkids!), but I digress. I would not take that trip back for anything.

So he won’t remember. Big deal. Watching his face light up at each new discovery in Walt Disney World is a priceless memory that we will never forget.

His next trip to WDW was at age 20 months while we were expecting our second child. I had received a Christmas bonus at work (before my self-employment days), and did what any responsible Disney Fan would do. I immediately booked a trip toWDW. Disney was offering book 4 nights, get 3 free, and our trip cost a whopping $1,500 for a week. We only needed to book two plane tickets. A steal.

This vacation was just as magical as the first. Watching the wonderment on his little face as he met, hugged, and kissed every character was worth every penny.

He was in love with our special family place.

And that is just what Walt Disney World is. A magical place where you can spend amazing quality time together, without the distractions of everyday life.

We have since traveled to WDW several times, both with and without help, including our most recent trip (my parents joined us) this past fall with our brood of 5 kiddos, ages 8, 6, 4, 2, and 10 months.

It. Was. Awesome.

And I would absolutely do it again.

Remember, they won’t need a park pass until they are 3-years-old. Still want to travel with your kids? Do it. And don’t let anyone tell you you shouldn’t.

Have a magical day!

Photo provided by Jeff Christiansen

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Emily Salvi
Emily is a work-at-home mother of 5 beautiful children, a wife, and lover of all things Disney. An expert in traveling to the Walt Disney World Resort with young children, and on a budget, she hopes to inspire her readers to do the same. "There is nothing like Disney magic through the eyes of your child. It melts my heart every time my kids see Cinderella Castle. The absolute awe. Fairytales really do come true."
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